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FALL 2015

advisor| adam fure

[Taubman College]


Form and function are elements within the discipline of architecture that have at times worked in opposition and/or as an integrated whole. The discourse for this thesis investigates ‘pattern + color’ as an ambiguous technique that goes beyond the systematic and the autonomous. Disrupting familiarity of form that may have been culturally cultivated. The recognition of form as ‘symbolic’ by the individual will begin to be misread, introducing a psychotropic curiosity. Thus, allowing the limited legibility to break down the form at certain moments, establishing a multi-layered architecture that works at different scales of perception.

The interest lies in the misreading of objects and the contexts that they are inhabiting. Today, the culture of consumption moves at a very fast pace and doesn’t allow individuals to engage in the anomalies that are created through their engagement in the world; whether that be in virtual or physical space.





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