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advisor| karen king





Disaster as Architecture examines computational design as a way to explore critical solutions in areas highly affected by climate change. When looking at coastal conditions, 39% of the US population lives along shorelines; making it a focal point where designers can input innovative designs that can start to shape the future urban fabric. For this project, climate related disaster was addressed as being something that is inevitable and the best course of action is to make people aware of their environment.
The system introduced here goes beyond the building and explores the possibilities that the urban landscape has to offer. A major contributor for future compositions is the research of nanotechnology as it facilitates a post technologically driven architecture, embracing the miniaturization of future automation. Currently many of these micro technologies are being looked at for medical purposes but have the potential to be deployed in various ways. The architectural scale offers possibilities of space that becomes responsive to people and nature.







 STUDY 01 

 STUDY 02 

 STUDY 03 




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