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FALL 2015

advisor| adam fure

[Taubman College]

'Knock-Knock' is a series of representation studies on contemporary practices that engage architecture in a non-typical way. The practices that were examined included MOS, Design With Company, First Office, and Bittertang. Each design was tasked with particular prompts related to the practice.


For MOS the element that was looked at was the staircase and explorations of additive geometries, along with boolean operations were engaged.  The output becomes a pavilion of the generic through manifestations of software operations. Next practice that was examined was Design with Company, where Spanish elements of house typology were extracted and arranged in a familiar, yet unique composition. The Mountain House by First Office was examined through its process and was engaged with aquatic organisms, in this case a turtle. Similar operations as the Mountain House were taken, through abstraction of high-res image and rotation of geometries. Lastly, Bittertang introduced animalistic forms that demanded propagations of seduction. The process here was to take two animal silhouettes, pig and elephant, and create a hybrid embryo that would in the end lead to a composition of self-similar interaction.







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