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advisor| margaret pedone



The Sandia Peak Lower Terminal is a project that illustrates the possibilities of new design on existing buildings. The tram at Sandia Peak is the longest in the US with 2.7 miles of incredible views. The existing terminal takes the conventional rectangular scheme in order to develop the continuity of specific programs. The inspiration for the building comes from the unique boulder arrangements that are seen throughout the open landscape. A major component of the design phase was to make the building a feature piece that could be seen by the public from far away.


Facets started to break the exterior of the building in order to mimic some of the context that the boulders offered; this was also carried inside the building. The current building had many closed off parts that did not allow the public to have a more in depth experience. With this in mind the new design incorporated a lot of glass apertures that allowed the exterior context to be enjoyed by the riders waiting for the tram. Another exterior feature that was dealt with was the manipulation of the driveway, where it introduced a layer of enjoyment through multi-level platforms that engaged the scenery without having to actually ride the tram.

Within the terminal there are shops and grand open areas. Visible mechanics of the tram are no longer isolated and can be observed by the public. There are gallery spaces and restaurants that allow there to be variety of things to do while waiting. Office spaces are also available, that give a different environment to work in. Underground parking diffuses the intrusive nature of flat parking lots and no longer take away from the scenic views that are offered by Sandia Peak.






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